Engin hit Mobile Broadband Market with 3G Power Router Modem

Engin, Australia’s leading VoIP provider, recently expanded their product offering to include Mobile Broadband.

The Mobile Broadband market has previously been considered to be a very competitive area for ISP’s, however Engin have jumped in with some great value plans available on 6 month contracts plus the latest and greatest 4G hardware. Consumers can snatch up the latest Pendo 3G Power Router Modem, which allows a handful of users to connect at the one time sharing the same Broadband connection. We took a closer look at a few devices and where you can get your hands on one!

One of the most important parts of the mobile broadband equation is battery life: how long can you browse until you’re dead and scrambling for power? The good news is that manufacturers have taken the time to improve this area of their hardware and you can now access your broadband connection for approximately four hours (with two devices connected) before needing to recharge.

The prices for these devices are very competitive. Engin currently offer a Pendo USB Modem and Power Router Combo for just $35 with any of their Mobile Broadband plans which start from as little as $10 per month for 1GB or, for the heavy user, 15GB for $55 per month. All Engin Mobile Broadband Plans are available on a 6 month contract.

To view Engin’s range of great value Mobile Broadband plans with Power Router Hardware options visit www.engin.com.au.

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