Is Facebook acquiring drone merchants Titan?

Facebook is reportedly in negotiations with Titan Aerospace to purchase the company, with aims to deliver the internet everywhere around the globe. Tech news sites Techcrunch and CNBC has sources reporting the deal to be in the neighborhood of $US 60 million (approximately $67 million).
However both parties have no official confirmation yet. Facebook spokesman Tucker Bonds said it is company policy to not comment on hearsay regarding matters such as this. Titan Aerospace also ignored any requests for comments.

Facebook’s efforts for worldwide internet
Previously, Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg initiated a project named that was created to link together more than 5 billion of the world’s 7 billion population, online. Theoretically, Titan’s solar powered drone satellites, which aren’t out and still in development, can possibly be used as wireless access points by Facebook. These drones reportedly last up to 5 years in the atmosphere, and have an array of functions, which include voice and data communications, among others, highly likely to be what the company plans to use.

Ongoing developments in the sky
At the last Mobile World Congress meeting, Zuckerberg stressed that internet connectivity is not his priority, as majority of the world’s population already have either 2G or 3G wireless connections. He instead pointed out people’s necessity for using the service for financial, healthcare information and educational needs.

Just last year, Facebook acquired app developer Onavo, in order to further their drive for better mobiles and worldwide internet connectivity. At the same time, Google launched a similar program last year called Project Loon, which made use of internet antennas on huge helium balloons. It was intended to get the whole world online, but the project has no ties with

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