No Apple TV said Steve Jobs

Tech Mogul refused to do one before he passed
Steve Jobs clearly didn’t want Apple to produce TV’s. According to a recent biography, Jobs replied about the possibility of an Apple TV, “No. TV is a terrible business. They don’t turn over and the margins suck.” Three years onward and Apple has yet to reveal anything remotely close to an Apple TV, opting to focus on higher grossing markets. This is despite persistent rumors and reports regarding a delayed Apple HDTV still in plans poised for a 2015 release date.

The Apple TV box – is this what you’re looking for?
In the Jobs biography Haunted Empire: Apple After Steve Jobs by author Yukari Iwatani Kane, the former CEO already rejected the idea. But news of an Apple TV in the wake of Jobs’ reluctance and decision not to do one will confuse consumers and business partners alike.

To make things clear, reports were apparently referring to a new set top television box which would still be the same, and connected to an actual TV, and is currently being developed by the company together with Time Warner Cable and other companies. It would be the next step from the third generation version.

The actual “Apple TV” we have right now is a plug-in, set-top-box with 1080 HD resolution that can be integrated with a Mac or any iOS device. Think of it as the next evolutionary step of cable TV plug-ins, but digital and with more capabilities and sources, for photos, music and videos, including streaming web content, iTunes and all connected digital media on the local network.

Jobs previously explained in 2011, “I’d like to create an integrated television set that is completely easy to use… It would be seamlessly synced with all of your devices and with iCloud… It will have the simplest user interface you could imagine. I finally cracked it.”

An Apple TV in the works despite none
Despite Jobs’ adamant words regarding any production, Apple is reportedly still pursuing this but has been delayed due to content deals and other factors. It might push through in the near future, as early as 2015. While on the backburner, Apple might meanwhile focus on wearable gadgets, such as the announcement of a smartwatch for this year.

As for the new set-top-box, set for an April 2014 release date, it promises a faster processor and a new interface. CEO Tim Cook was optimistic and had a “grand vision” for the product. “If we kept pulling at the string, that we might find something that was larger.”

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