Surveillance through Smartphones

Covert mobile software tracks and monitors
Be afraid, be very afraid. You can now track and spy anyone (or be tracked and spied on) via smartphones. For many a paranoid spouse or mom or a suspecting employer, it is now possible to keep tabs on anyone you’ve given a preloaded smartphone to, or have installed the app on, and have your piece of mind (or your suspicions) solved., a smartphone monitoring software company, has made this possible with a recent store opening in New York City offering this service. It’s also available online for your convenience, and for an additional cost, you get to pique your close guarded surveillance wishes.

That’s a good Idea
Apparently, the spying software all started as an idea between two friends in a bar in 2008, when they talked about one dishonest company accountant who provided business information to a rival company for years. Inspired by corporate crime and dishonesty, and how it can be foiled from the get go, the originators resolved to making the software to track and monitor incoming and outgoing activities. Development started in 2009 and in 2011, was launched.

This software runs on invisible mode to remote-monitor and track all activities from a secure online account. All the things that make for a complete monitoring and tracking system on the hapless and unsuspecting subject include Call Monitoring (includes logs, recordings, blocking calls), Text Message Tracking, Email Access, GPS Locator, Internet Use Monitor, Calendar and Address book access, Record Instant Message Activities, Record Surroundings, Control Apps and Programs in use, Access and View all Multimedia files, Remote Access plus report generation and 24/7 customer support.

What You Need to Know
Testimonials on the site praise it for its inconspicuous and effective operations. “Peter F.” wrote:
“We use mSPY to track work cell phone usage of our staff without them thinking their privacy is invaded. Your mobile tracker saves us time and money.”

The service is at $39.99 a month, or get a preloaded smartphone with 4 available models and total minimum costs each: Nexus 5 ($649.99), iPhone 5S ($879.00), HTC One ($749.99) or a Galaxy S4 ($799.99). There are a few minor fine print reminders on the site for specific and detailed information.

The service is available for almost all types of smartphones, android phones and even a few tablets and combo QWERTY-styled droid phones as well. The unit to be used must be accessed physically for installation and must already be jailbroken.

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