The good and bad side of mobile broadband

Does mobile always mean good?
When discussing mobile broadband, we can’t help but weigh our options and think of the pros and cons of the technology. Are we better off just using a stationary connection that is more reliable, has different uses and has a better platform (e.g. personal computer, mac)? Does mobile broadband actually serve its purpose of being on the go and still being connected? If we are to understand this technology, we must look at all of its features and also, limitations.

Your mobile broadband in the spotlight
Mobile broadband connectivity and speed rely on the signal strength from the ISP or Internet Service Provider, so area and conditions are key things. The number of users in the network, weather conditions and interferences from other communication devices will definitely affect your speed. We already have 3G (third generation) and 4G (fourth generation) speeds now available, which can operate to speeds up to 7.2MB and 8 to 12 MB respectively. This is perfect for today’s professionals and the more tech-savvy users who rely on their connections for on the spot easy access everywhere. And there is no need for a landline.

But in most cases the speed is only theoretically speaking, as it is the maximum ceiling speed only and can be accessed with the most optimal conditions. By far, it sounds like more like a promise than an actual statistic. Most users never reach that speed on a very consistent basis, and 4G is not yet available in all areas and providers. A well set up computer that has an Ethernet or cable connection (with optimal settings of course) may not provide the level of convenience and mobility, but can do just as well, even faster and more reliable in most instances.

There is also the issue of data limits, as most mobile broadband deals have a set limit for data, anything beyond it warrants extra data charges, unless you take on the most expensive deal for unlimited data. Speaking of which, this also adds to the issue of affordability as well, as mobile broadband deals are expensive.

Take the good with the bad
Mobile Internet access come with its own set of good and bad, and depend on many factors. The convenience and wireless mobility that it offers is very beneficial to our busy daily lives. However connectivity and data limit issues can adversely affect its overall use. There will always be limitations, and some functions and programs maybe be better experienced elsewhere.

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